Turkey, on the verge of achieving the goal of Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism with more than 51 million tourists in 2019 on the eve of the new year has hosted 48 million 46 thousand 732 visitors totally in the first 11 months.

Some 43 million of the visitors arriving Turkey comprise of foreigners. The number of citizens who reside in abroad has been 5 million 136 thousand 324 according to the 9-month statistics that Turkish Statistical Institute has announced at the latest.

In accordance with January-November 2019 border statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 42 million 910 thousand 408 foreigners visited Turkey with the rise of 14, 31 percent in comparison to the same period of last year.

In November again, comparatively to the same period of previous year, number of arriving foreigners reached to 2 million 190 thousand 622 with the 11, 41 percent increase.

The Top Tourist-Generating Countries

In the first 11-month period of the year, in comparison with the same period of the previous one, Turkey welcomed the most visitors from Russian Federation with the rise of 17, 42 percent (6 million 887 thousand 136 visitors); Germany with the rise of 11, 57 percent (4 million 835 thousand 626 visitors) and United Kingdomwith the rise of 13, 30 percent (2 million 506 thousand 246 visitors),respectively. The ranking is followed by Bulgaria and Iran in pursuit of United Kingdom.

In November, comparatively to the same month of previous year, the ranking is seen as Bulgaria with the increase of 8, 35 percent (230 thousand 220 visitors); Russian Federation with the increase of 36, 85 percent (192 thousand 683 visitors) and Germany with the increase of 4, 32 percent (186 thousand 132 visitors),respectively. Germany is succeeded byGeorgia and Iran.

The Statistical Data of World Tourism Organization

Turkey remained at the 6th rank in the list of most visited countries across the world in 2018 according to the December 2019 data of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

With the recent 2018 data that UNWTO has announced, Turkey named at the 15th rank in listing of world tourism receipts.

Turkey, as the 6th tourism receipt generating country across Europe has become the 4th again in Europe in the top tourist hosting countries list.